The first time I saw this thing…. I was intrigued and I seriously considered plumping down 79 Euros. But wait, I thought…. how is it supposed to steer? How big is it? What kind of camera? How can it shoot 3d using a single sensor? Huh?

It is worth nothing that Indiegogo does not require “a working prototype” as Kickstarter does. So this project should be taken with a grain of salt.

Since the project has closed, it appears that the creators have at least published a single technical drawing of how this helicopter might work. In short, it is a traditional helicopter – not a multicopter – the difference being that the large rotors can lean in one direction or another using a swashplate, in order to steer.

What I’m (sadly) most impressed about with this project is the evidence of how easy it is to raise more than 100,000 EUR without a prototype or even with an actual proposed design. The device is simultaneously complex and beyond the understanding of most people, but also sort of small and cute, and seems like it could be pretty simple…

I will be a bit surprised if this device actually makes it to fruition in this incarnation, form factor and price point, one can hope. Good luck to the 3d Pocketcopter people!


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