Well, it’s finally here.

Photo by Jimmy Chin

4K resolution, 30FPS video. Full HD, 120FPS.

It is the same size as the Hero 3, so it will work in all our attachments and gimbals.

Still, no RAW photos, sadly. However, there is a “Protune” setting for jpegs, so that you can shoot photos that aren’t “so totally automatic” and over-compressed. Tests coming soon.

I guess all the other action cameras out there have fallen one more step behind. There is just no stopping Gopro it seems.

So, a brief rundown of what it means for drone pilots:

Yes, this is a drop-in replacement

It’s the same size so just switch it out with your poor old crusty obsolete Hero 3 that you bought last month 😉


Will the lens mount modification still work, or will it still be necessary?

Gopro cameras have been using a very strange kind of lens which is nominally C-mount (m12 thread) but with the bottom part of the lens not threaded at all. This meant that in order to use a diferent lens, you had to remove the entire lens mount and put in a new (3rd party) one. I am guessing that this is still the case. So the question is, will the previous ones work on the Hero 4? I am guessing they won’t. Probably the PCB has undergone some tiny revision, and a new 3rd-party lens mount will have to be devised.


Will anyone be able to actually watch my 4K video?

Well, maybe not this year 😉 And you will need a beast of a computer to do any real post-production with such files. Get ready to buy some spare hard disks to store all this footage….



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