If you are either building your own UAV or buying one (whether it’s an airplane, helicopter, or multirotor), the most basic part of the whole thing is the Flight Controller. Just like choosing windows or mac, iphone or android, choosing which flight controller you have in your aircraft changes the whole experience of flying. Stability, features, reliability, and customization options are different in each flight controller.
The two biggest platforms are NAZA (owned by DJI) and Pixhawk (previously maintained by 3D Robotics and now maintained by the Linux Foundation).
Which one should you use? If you’re a total beginner, use Naza. If you’re more than a total beginner, you might get more out of Pixhawk.
Below is an interesting conversation about it on Facebook. Take it for what it’s worth, but most of the experts seem to prefer Pixhawk, all things considered.

Pixhawk or Naza?

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