It seems that for casual readers of technology blogs and sites that all these new quadcopters/multicopters/drones coming on the market are a brand new thing, often built by people who are new to the art of multirotors. This is often the case, perhaps because the veteran hobbyist folks who have been doing this stuff for years are in it for the love of the craft, more than the idea that there is some huge new business opportunity. So, what looks like a fantastic multirotor like this one probably won’t make it to Engadget, even though it is 1) available now (or, well, very soon) and 2) it is actually designed by people who know what they’re doing, with specifications that actually make sense.

The TBS Gemini is a fast and mean little hexacopter. It will go on sale for under $600, ready-to-fly without the transmitter. It’s perfect for beginner FPV folks.

These mini frames are very crash friendly. They are made to be flown hard and crashed. (Yes you need to be able to solder a few things back together from time to time)

You can read more about the TBS Gemini here.

Pre-order here for $599.

Again, this is not your Indiegogo vaporware… this is real, and definitely awesome.

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