Which Toy Quadcopter to buy?

Toy Drones / Quadcopters

These things usually fit in your hand. They are cheap, and you can fly them indoors. You can fly them outdoors if there’s no wind at all.

The cheapest ones are hard to fly and break easily. The best ones are easy to fly, and you can crash them a lot, and they still keep going 🙂

Here are a few of the “tiny cheap fun little quadcopters”

Hubsan x4


The Hubsan x4, as of late 2014, the most popular and most reputable “tiny toy quadcopter”. The precise model number you probably want is the 107L. On Amazon, this thing is currently about $36. Considering that only about 10 years ago, a machine like this probably cost about $10 million, it is truly mind boggling to realize the kind of technology is possible these days to give as a gift to a child. It’s also possible to get the 107C version for $50 with a camera which you can use to record your flights (it is not a live view you can watch while you’re flying – you can only watch the video later). There is even an HD Version which is around $70.

This quadcopter seems to get quite universal praise. It has a couple of great features:

first, it seems to fly really well and easily.

Second, the battery is replaceable, so you can have lots of batteries on hand if you want to play for a long time, and the whole thing isn’t dead if the one battery dies (and these LiPo batteries DO have a very limited life span, even if you know all about lipo battery care).

Third, it is very durable; you can crash it a lot and it doesn’t die. You can also buy spare propellers, even a “crash pack” as well as propeller guard, and

There are even some people who hack this thing. Someone took one apart, stuck a huge battery on it, and it lifted a Gopro camera…. for about 5 seconds!


 Syma x1


Estes Proto x